Born in 1982, Kat is a withered old bat who works in QA on the US East Coast.
She draws too much fanart, cares way too much about fictional characters,
but cares mostly about her family and friends (most notably her husband),
who treat her with dignity, equality and respect.

The quest to obtain respect has been a difficult one for Kat, and it is in this endeavour that she stumbled into the situation The Honored was created to explain.
Of course, instead of explaining it, The Honored has just erupted into its own sprawling and vibrant world on its own,
all of its noble allegories just sort of lying about broken or melted within the rest of the story.

She urges for people in abusive situations to reach out for help.

She can be emailed at katimus.prime at gmail dot com and hangs out at the following internet haunts:

deviantart - tumblr - spadenet - xeno underground

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