The Honored takes place very far away from earth,
on a planet called Yanon. Colonized by humans millenia ago,
the people of this world have learned, mastered and abused
powerful magic in an endless cycle of destruction and rebirth.

At the dawning of a more culturally advanced era,
a troubled young man named Theo discovers a passion for
teaching people how to forgive themselves through the backwards
veneration of a religious adversary.

It is not long before he is taken advantage of.

To escape the people who betrayed his trust,
Theo draws the attentions of the dark powers he once condemned,
and is summarily punished for it.

He is saved by chance, and seven years of recovering
have not prepared Theo for the battle he has yet to face.

The Honored is rated T for Teen.
It contains strong language, violence, adult themes,
and religious and moral ambiguity.

It has been in the works since 2003,
but first took up its solid form in September of 2010.

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