The Honored takes place on the planet of Yanon, which has oscillated
over the centuries between high technology and complete anarchy.
The main story of Knightface takes place just on the verge of a resurgence of reason.

The two main peoples of Yanon, the Humans and the Dreamwalkers,
had been at war for decades before the Terrachan king, Rex Valen,
united the people under his rule.
Established 50 years before the start of the story,
Rex Valen's rule sought to globalize the peoples of
Yanon and put an end to religious fanaticism.

Not long after Terrachan rule was established,
Yanon was visited by extraterrestrials known as the Imagers.
People who were indistinguishable from normal humans, save for the
fact that they communicated through their ability to project visual
depictions of events and feelings into the minds of others.

More info to come soon!
Most of it is inferred in the comic!

Planet Yanon is about 1/5 the size of Earth and has six heavily populated land-masses.
Most of the story takes place in the center continents, most notably Nerlant, Medlant, Qaar
and the Dreamwalk. The site of the Imagers' crash-landing is in the Farena Tradelands.


- Charan
- Sentlant
- – Nerlant
- – Medlant
- – Sodlant
- The Dreamwalk
- Terrachon
- Centreburst
- Farena


- Sentlanden
- Terrachan
- Charanha
- Dreamwalker
- Farenan
- Imager

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