I tend to only compile fanart on the static site once in a great while, but I absolutely love receiving fanwork of any kind. If you're interested in sending me anything, email me at katimus.prime at gmail.com or send me a note on DA (user katimusprime) with an appropriate subject line. If the piece is submitted via deviantart, it will immediately be linked on Knightface's group page, case de knightface. I'm also working on getting Knightface up on tumblr.

So much love and thanks to those who've been interested enough in my webcomic enough to do fanart for it. I apologize for not getting this page up sooner.

Alystar - @DA

Dancing in Firelight - @DA

Holepunch - @DA

Hyperionwitch - @DA

Punni - @DA

Salut Hurricane - @DA

Stitchedmoon - Patchwork Satelitte

Zerowolf - @DA

Folks who kindly let me give them money to draw my babbies.

Boxdrink - @DA

Crimson Sun - @tumblr

C. Lijewski - HeavyGauge.net

Lerato - @DA

Ravy - @DA

Rivka - @DA

Deviantart Mirror - Tapastic Mirror

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